We offer 30 hours funding 
To check if you are eligible please go onto the childcare choices website:

We will be working with other childcare providers to help with the offer of 30 hours of government funding to eligible families.


 Disability Access Fund (DAF)

From April 2017 the DAF is new funding for early years providers to support children with disabilities or special educational needs. It aids access to early years places by supporting providers in making reasonable adjustments to their settings.


All 2 year funding applications are now done online at - https://earlyyears.gov.uk/Parentportal. If application is accepted you are required to bring code into the setting before your child's place is confirmed

3 and 4 year olds will be eligible for the DAF if they meet the following criteria: 

  • the child is in receipt of child disability living allowance (DLA) and
  • the child accesses the funded entitlement at the early years provider.

Please note: 4 year olds in primary and infant school reception classes are NOT eligible for DAF funding.

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Teagues Bridge Pre-school

Teagues Bridge Preschool was established with the aim of providing quality education to children within the community and accessible to all. We are situated on Teagues Bridge Primary School grounds.

We are run by a voluntary management committee consisting mainly of parents.  the committee works co-cooperatively with the Business Manager and team to help with the running and organization of the preschool. there is an Annual General Meeting whereby all parents are invited and nominations take place for the following VMC.   

We are a registered charity, non-profit making organization.  All funds the preschool makes from fees are re-invested in staff wages and training, catering, preschool equipment and toys for the children.

Teagues Bridge Preschool prides itself on being a small, close knit preschool.  We cherish and nurture all children.  We believe that only a parent can truly appreciate what combines to create truly the best childcare.

We welcome children and families from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds.  We value diversity of family structures.  We recognize that all children have the right to be listened to, respected, valued and protected from all forms of discrimination.

We aim to make the big step from home to preschool and from preschool to school a positive experience, providing high quality care and education for children aged between 2-5 years.  We offer places to eligible 2,3,4 year olds who meet the criteria for government funding.  We want every child to feel settled and secure and we know that you are the best person to help us get to know your child.  Children need to feel a sense of security and belonging when they are away from their parents.  We strive to ensure that all children feel happy, relaxed and safe.  All children are allocated a 'key person', they will build a relationship with your child and family. children are separated into either of our two rooms according to age and their development needs. On a child's first day we encourage parents to stay for a liitle while as long as it is not disrupting the rest of the children.we use the first 2 weeks of the child starting to review whether the child has settled into preschool routine. Once they are settled we offer a 'stay and play' for the parents for the first 10-15 minutes of the session. Parents can support their child with crafts, painting, reading, ICT, etc.

Within the preschool you will find a wide range of age appropriate learning materials and stimulating, high quality toys and activities, both indoors and outdoors.Children are provided with a varied healthy diet at snack times, fresh air, exercise, rest and play, all of which contribute to their physical, emotional and educational development.  there are indoor and outdoor facilities, sand and water play, creative activities, We also have a separate woodland jungle area, where children can play safely, whilst learning how to balance and climb.


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